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DSA Programme
Code of Ethics

To promote a high standard of ethical conduct in community service with the Association, a member of the Panel of Judges, an Executive Committee member of the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) Club, or an Organizing Committee member of the Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme:

  1. shall fulfill his / her duties with professionalism, fairness, and a sense of responsibility and commitment;
  2. shall uphold the confidence of all parties concerned in the assessment of present and/or former entries to the award;
  3. shall not offer confidential information or disclose any information which may in any way affect the integrity of the award, either currently or in the future;
  4. shall not participate in the assessment of an award entrant of which his/her company is a major customer, competitor or supplier, nor any organization or subunit of an organization of which he/she is an employee, or with which he/she is involved in, or anticipates a consulting relationship;
  5. shall not independently communicate with award entrants or in any manner seek additional documentation, information, or clarification other than during the formal assessment process;
  6. shall not solicit or accept, from an award entrant which he/she has assessed, gifts in any form or personal gain including the formation of an employment or consulting relationship during the judging process; and
  7. must submit a statement for conflict of interest to the Award Secretariat. Disclosure needs to take into account employment relationships, significant ownership, client relationships, and affiliations that present, or could be perceived, as a conflict of interest in relation to the members' impartial fulfillment of duties in an HKMA award programmes. Judges and Committee members should update their statement on conflict of interest with the Award Secretariat as circumstances change.