Past Events of the HKMA Digital Marketing Community

Date Activity

01 November 2019

零售科技 - 拆解零售界「五大痛點」研討會

17 July 2019

「美團(大眾)點評 x 小紅書 - 吸引內地客來港消費攻略研討會」

29 March 2019

Manulife/HKMA Digital Marketing Summit
Date Activity

26 July 2018

Seminar on "Social Media Transformation in China: From Communication to Commerce"

29 May 2018

Seminar on Social Media Marketing in China 3.0

6 April 2018

Seminar on Managing the Anarcheconomy & Leading in the Digital World

21 March 2018

Morning Seminar with CEO by Rohit

21 March 2018

MarketingPulse by HKTDC

20 March 2018

Seminar on "How to Lead Digital Disruption"

5 February 2018

Seminar on "Application of New Retail in Hong Kong Market" Vol.2
Date Activity

21 November 2017

Seminar on "Application of New Retail in Hong Kong Market"

27 October 2017

Seminar on "The Use of AR/VR in Digital Marketing"

29 September 2017

Seminar on "The Human Behind the Click"

28 August 2017

Digital Marketing 顛覆你的營銷想像研討會

25 August 2017

Seminar on Esports for Advertisers: Who Play to Win

17 August 2017

HKMA Joint Specialist Clubs Networking Event - Sharing by Mr Walter Cheung on "Marathon Skies"

28 July 2017

Seminar on "Brand New Metrics for the Brand New TV Era"

21 July 2017

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11 July 2017

DMC Coffee Chat with Sarah Owen

22 June 2017

Seminar on "Harnessing the Power of Live Streaming"

23 May 2017

Seminar on "Effective Influencer Engagement for Marketing Success"

27 April 2017

Seminar on "John Tsang's CE Campaign Wit and Wisdom for Smart Digital Marketing"

21 April 2017

Seminar on "Predestination: The Coming Revolution of AI in Marketing"

27 March 2017

Launching Ceremony cum Digital Marketing Leaders' Forum on "Staying Ahead of the Changing Digital Marketing Landscape"