Secondary Schools

HKMA's Involvement in Secondary School Education
Since 1990, Council Members of the Association had expressed great concern over the deteriorating calibre of secondary school students. It was felt that the best solution to help improve the calibre of graduates was by influencing the Government on policy issues related to the secondary school curriculum and school management. First, by incorporating basic business concepts into students' everyday studies, albeit at secondary school level, graduates would be better-equipped to cope with the work environment. Second, by injecting new quality management concepts and practices into secondary education, the Association could help upgrade the quality of school management.

Established in 1994, a subsidized secondary school, the HKMA K S Lo College has not only added value to its students as evidenced in its HKCEE results, but has also become the first secondary school in Hong Kong to achieve the ISO9002 certification in 1998.

A second secondary school, the HKMA David Li Kwok Po College was set up in 1999. The college uses English as the medium of instruction and aims at developing students into well-rounded life-long learners who are multilingual, international in outlook, creative, proficient in technology and highly cultured. Operating under the Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS), the College is fully empowered to design and set its own curriculum as well as select quality staff from all over Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas.