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Preparatory Course for the LCCI Book-keeping & Accounting Examinations
LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

 Commencement Date: 4 May 2015 Deadline for New Application: 18 Apr 2015

The Hong Kong Management Association is organizing a part-time preparatory course for the LCCI Book-keeping and Accounting Examinations. Participants are required to take an internal examination for each subject at the end of the course. Those who pass the internal examination will be awarded a single subject certificate by the HKMA.

Information on London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Examinations
1. Levels: Examinations are conduced at three levels; namely first level, second level and third level.
2. Entry Requirements: There are no specific entry requirements for book-keeping and accounting examinations.
3. Entry Form Distribution Points (for Private Candidates):
Private candidates who wish to register for LCCIIQ examinations should make registration by post to LCCI HK office or in person within a specified registration period. For details, please contact LCCI Hong Kong Office:

LCCI Hong Kong Office: 20th Floor, Cornwall House, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong SAR. (Tel Enquires: 3102 0100)

Entry Form can also be downloaded from the LCCI website: http://www.lcciasia.com/

Book-keeping (LCCI Level 1)
This course is designed to help participants understand the basic principles of book-keeping and prepare them for the LCCI Level 1 Certificate in Book-keeping Examination. The examination is suitable for candidates who work or wish to work in areas of business that will involve the recording of financial transactions.

Designed for:
Those who are interested in the subject and preferably Secondary Four or above

The Accounting Equation and the basis of double-entry book-keeping
Recording transactions through double entry
Balancing accounts
Purchases / Sales / returns
The Ledger: its subdivision
Day Books
Bank facilities / methods of payment or receipt of money
Cash Book and cash discount
Bank reconciliation
Petty Cash Book and the Imprest System
Trial Balance
Adjusting for accruals and prepayments in the final accounts
Depreciation of fixed assets
The entries relating to bad debts
The Journal
Capital and revenue expenditure
Errors in the accounts and their correction
Effect of Profit (or Loss) and drawings upon capital
Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts
The Balance Sheet
Control Accounts an introduction

Book-keeping & Accounts (LCCI Level 2)
This course is designed to prepare participants for the LCCI Level 2 Certificate in Book-keeping & Accounts examination.? The examination is suitable for candidates who are working, or are preparing to work in an accounting environment maintaining financial records and preparing accounts.

Designed for:
Those who have completed Book-keeping (LCCI Level 1) or equivalent

Advanced aspects of the syllabus for Level 1 Book-keeping
Limited liability companies
Incomplete records
Manufacturing accounts
Stock valuation
Non-trading organizations
Control accounts
Suspense accounts
Calculation and interpretation of ratios
Preparation, by the use of ratios, of simple financial statements

Accounting (LCCI Level 3)
This course is designed to prepare participants for the LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Accounting examination.? This examination is suitable for candidates who work or wish to work in an advanced area of accountancy.

Designed for:
Those who have completed Book-keeping & Accounts (LCCI Level 2) or equivalent.

Levels 1 and 2 revisited
Valuation of inventories
Valuation of fixed assets
Accounting for groups of companies
Cash flow statements
Accounting ratios
Budgetary control
Introduction to decision making
Concepts and accounting framework

Tuition Fee
Preparatory Programme Book-keeping
(LCCI Level 1)
Book-keeping & Accounts
(LCCI Level 2)
(LCCI Level 3)
HK$ HK$1,290* HK$1,790* HK$2,190*
*All tuition fees do not include examination fees for professional examinations.

Advancement Path

Language Medium
Cantonese (supplemented with English) ,handouts in English.

 Commencement Date:  4 May 2015 Deadline for New Application:  18 Apr 2015
For reservations and general enquiries, please call Customer Services Department on 2774 8501 or via fax 2774 8503.
For course details, please contact Mr Perry Wong at 2448-5111 or Ms Winnie Sit at 2448-5112.

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