Business Management

The University of Iowa, USA Master of Business Administration
Communicating with Different Personalities - How to flex and communicate with them (SG-47554-2019-2-F) 1 Nov 2019

Creative / Design Thinking & Innnovation

Six Thinking Hats (R) - Edward de Bono's Programmes (ACB-47566-2019-4-FC) 12 Nov 2019
The Power of PerceptionTM: Tools to enhance perceptual insights - Edward de Bono's Programmes (ACB-47567-2019-4-FC) 13 Nov 2019
Creativity in Action - Edward de Bono's Programmes - Lateral ThinkingTM (ACB-47568-2019-4-FC) 14 Nov 2019

Event and Hospitality Management

Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course

Finance and Accounting

A Workshop on Finance for Non-Financial Managers (TS-26774-2019-3-FC) 29 Nov 2019

Human Resources Management

Developing Training Plan for Your Company (SGB-A6899-2019-1-FC) 13 Nov 2019
Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA (AC-A6660-2019-5-FC) 14 Nov 2019
Workplace Big Five Profile Certification - Talent Development Management Focused on the Five-Factor Model of Personality (AC-A6683-2019-3-FC) 18 Nov 2019

Information Technology

Legal Aspects of Using Social Media in Workplace (TS-33675-2019-3-FC) 20 Nov 2019


Workshop on Effective Business Writing (SG-47615-2019-2-FC) 27 Nov 2019

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Certificate Course on Supervisory Management
(CB-A0073-2019-6-L) 13 Nov 2019
A Holistic, Systematic and Rational Approach to Problem Solving & Decision Making (SG-A6858-2019-2-F) 18 Nov 2019
A 2-Day Workshop on The Making of a Successful Manager (SG-46694-2019-4-F) 20 Nov 2019
Seminar on How to Work With Your Bosses, Peers and Subordinates (SG-47493-2019-3-F) 22 Nov 2019
Influencing Skills (SG-A6862-2019-3-F) 26 Nov 2019
Team Leadership Competencies - How to Motivate and Get the Best out of People (SG-A6864-2019-3-F) 27 Nov 2019

Legal and Law

Essentials of Contract Law (TS-47535-2019-3-FC) 6 Nov 2019

Lifestyle/Beauty/Wine/Body Shaping

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines (Cantonese) (IWSET-L3006-2019-C-SS) 27 Nov 2019

Marketing & Sales

A 1-Day Seminar on Selling Skills that Sell (SG-86769-2019-2-F) 19 Nov 2019

Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate Test Preparation Course (3-day) (AC-A6656-2019-1-FC) 13 Nov 2019

Property and Rental Management

Certificate Course on Estate Management (CB-A0060-2019-4-L) 4 Nov 2019

Secretarial & Company Secretarial Studies

Certificate Course on Company Secretarial Practice - Part II - Company Law (CB-40441-2019-2-FC) 5 Nov 2019